Donate now to ensure no child in Salem goes hungry this summer. image

Donate now to ensure no child in Salem goes hungry this summer.

Your donation will provide fresh, healthy food for thousands of children this summer.

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Can we depend on your help to help provide reliable access to food this summer?

"Summer doesn’t just mean more time with family, it means higher grocery bills"

1 in 3 Massachusetts families are facing food insecurity.

As temperatures climb, so do everyday expenses, leaving some families struggling to make ends meet. Without access to school meals, many children are left without an adequate source of nutrition during the summer break. Additionally, as food prices in the commonwealth continue to rise, families are skipping fresh produce and instead opting for cheaper foods that lack nutritional value, which can have serious consequences on their health and development.

An average of 3,750 children visit The Salem Pantry each month.

The Salem Pantry plays a vital role in addressing this issue by providing children and families with access to healthy food options. From fresh fruits and vegetables to pantry staples, we strive to offer a wide range of nutritious foods to those who need it most.

When you donate to The Salem Pantry, you make an incredible difference in the lives of your neighbors. Your generosity will ensure they have access to nutritious food this summer.